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"Sourdough" Mike McDonald appeared in The Whale Fat Follies and other shows at The Fly By Night Club for over 15 years! He was an Anchorage Superstar.

Sourdough was a 300 pound hockey playing drummer who also sang opera, taught music in the schools, coached kid's hockey teams, and volunteered for a million worthy causes.

His passing in January of 2002 was a major loss for Anchorage, and the celebrations of his life were citywide focal points for thousands of his friends and fans.

"Sourdough" Mike produced 3 CDs of his own, and one CD was produced by nearly 70 of his musician friends. It's a great collection of music, and we'd love to send it to you.


When Anchorage singer-drummer - performer - teacher - writer "Sourdough" Mike "Pinky" McDonald became seriously ill in the late Spring of 2001, we had an idea:

Let's gather every musician we can fit in the recording studio, and produce a CD that is a TOTAL benefit for his two youngest children. We'll try to get EVERYTHING donated, and place ALL revenues from the CD
into an Educational Trust Fund that will mature and grow until Sammy and Eddie McDonald have finished high school and are ready to embark on whatever educational or vocational path they choose. Livin' In Rhythm is that CD.

Recording was done on the weekend of July 1, 2, and 3. It was the musical goal of this session to bring as many diverse musicians together in as many out-of-the-ordinary combinations as possible. Blues & rockabilly guitarist Joey Fender plays a solo on jazz lady Melissa Bledsoe Fischer's composition In A Small Town, and also solos with Ska band Nervis Rex. Blues organist Chris Alexander appears with Nervis Rex, and almost everybody else. Accordionist Marge Ford of The Alaska Polka Chips plays with Melissa Bledsoe Fischer and with The Backstreet Blues Band. The combinations were endless, and they were Great!

The sessions were fun. The sessions were moving. It was three days of
different people working together in ways they had never attempted before, and it has resulted in the coolest and biggest compilation of Anchorage musicians that we have ever seen. There's Nervis Rex, Miss Alice Welling, Melissa Bledsoe Fischer, The Soulman Sam Band, Mr. Whitekeys, The Backstreet Blues Band, Killer Rabbit, Kenny Blackwell, Big Mitch, Blue Earth, Stu Schulman, Jeanene Walker, Will Triplett, and Mike himself. There are blues songs, country tunes, big swing grooves, and ska mania on the same CD! It was all done as close to LIVE as possible with a minimum of overdubbing and virtually no electronic instruments. It's real guys playing real instruments at the same time. When was the last time you saw that on a CD?

$19.95 plus S.&.H.

"Sourdough Mike's Favorite Songs" is the CD that includes all of the hits Sourdough performed in The Whale Fat Follies and other shows at The Fly By Night Club.

This definitive collection includes his World Famous versions of "The Alaska Flag Song," "Sixteen Tons," "The Christmas Song " (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), "Here Comes The Sun," "Goodbye Summer," "North To Alaska", "What A Wonderful World," and more.

This is Sourdough Mike at his Best!!

$17.95 plus S.&.H.


"A Big Alaskan Hug" is Sourdough Mike's first Childrens' CD. Many of the songs on this collection originated in his childrens' songwriting workshops in Anchorage schools.

In the workshops, Sourdough started with ideas from the kids, and showed them how to put the ideas together into a finished song.

"Big Alaskan Hug" includes "Warm Sun," "Big Ol' Hug," "I'm Goin' Fishin", "I'm a Cat," "Living in Alaska", "Moose," and 13 more.

$17.95 plus S.&.H.


"I Like Being A Kid" is the last CD that Sourdough Mike recorded. It's his second CD of childrens' songs and was released in December, 2001, shortly before he passed away.

He worked on this CD with Stu Schulman (who produced his other recordings) throughout his illness. "I Like Being A Kid" was his last major project.

Songs include "Ocean Life," "Fishin' Mission," "I Lost A Tooth," "Messy Room Blues", "I Like Being A Kid," "Peace," and 4 more.

$17.95 plus S.&.H.