What Kind Of Idiot Would
Perform In a Show Like Ours?

Jimmy Navarro

Jimmy Navarro is one of the most stunning performers ever to appear in Alaska. We hired him because he is an incredible singer, an outrageous dancer, and he looks good in a dress.

Originally from New York, Jimmy has starred in Evita, Bat Boy—The Musical, and as a cockroach in Archie & Mehitabel. At Alaska’s prestigious Valdez Theater Conference, he was assigned the job of telling the Governor that he couldn’t just help himself at the bar—he had to pay for his drinks like everybody else.


Miss Veronica Page

Veronica is a musical theater super star who has appeared in over 40 roles. Just prior to joining The Whale Fat Follies, she appeared in Jesus Christ Superstar. According to Veronica, “I wasn’t just an adulteress—I was the LEAD adulteress!” She has been featured at Anchorage’s outdoor blues festival, “Blues On The Green”, but only during hours when it rained.” She also once spilled Ranch Dressing on Senator Lisa Murkowski’s husband’s lap.


Miss Jodi Hughes

In order to join Springtime In Spenard in 2005, Jodi gave up a chorus role in Jesus Christ Superstar. It wasn’t too big of a sacrifice, however, because according to Jodi, “everyone in the chorus of that production is either a leper or a whore.”

She is a veteran of the Long Island Players, a UAA theater graduate, and she also proudly boasts, “I take a very good DMV picture.”

Patrick Lounsbury

Multi-media operator Patrick Lounsbury was born in Montreal. In Alaska, he is proud to be “part of the problem,” because he worked for the legislature for 7 years. He has worked as a Zamboni driver and established “Tequila Wednesday” on 5 different continents.


Roadhouse Ron Brown

Roadhouse Ron began his career as "The Hottest Drummer In Bend, Oregon." After attending the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, he was able to get gigs in Ketchikan, Adak, and Barrow, Alaska.

He has since moved on to perform with The Boxtops revival band, and joined The Freeze Up Follies in September of 2001.


Jelly Roll Jim

Jimmy "Jelly Roll Jim From The Kuskokwim" Wright is the Bass Man! He's a veteran of the Alaskan blues scene, and joined The Whale Fat Follies in the fall of 1997.

Jimmy is a writer, and his first novel has been rejected by 78 publishers.


Tim McKittrick

Tim is the multi-media slide projectionist emeritus, genius photographer, and "The Amazing Mr. Fixit." He can fix anything Presto Fixo!

Tim was born at a very young age, and was raised in beautiful Rainbow Valley, Alaska. Since graduating from high school, he has owned 35 automobiles and 23 motorcycles. He gave up motorcycle ice racing when his X-rays became a regular part of the show.


Michael Helgeson

Michael Helgeson sings harmonies while he operates the lighting board from the back of the club, and teaches kindergarten during the day.

This is a combination that should be prohibited by law.


Former Cast Members

Former members of The Follies Casts include Sourdough Mike McDonald, Alice Welling, Tim Tucker, Forrest Attaway, Jim Henderson, Kim Clifton-Moore, Jill Bess, juggler Jim Kerr, Uncle George the Clown, Mary Patton, Trish Ham, Douglas "Satchmo" Everton, Ed Bourgeois, Lindy Raines, Diane March, Connie Meyerhoff, Tracy Hinkson, Stanfill Marcus Stanfill, Richard Carnahan, Brian "Boston" Christopher, Don Cosgrove, Heather Prunty, and the incomparable soul man, Jessie Barksdale.

We've driven a lot of people away, but only Richard Carnahan was so deeply affected that he subsequently joined the Seminary.