All 50 states have a Spam® recipe contest at their state fair.

Alaska's state fair produces the highest number of entries in the Pacific Mountain Region, the "most serious competitors," and the most unique recipes.

A spokesman said, "You don't see as many Spam® desserts in other states."


Alaskans are the second highest per capita consumers of Spam® in the United States. The only state that eats more Spam® is Hawaii.

Spam® is like Alaska's only Congressman Don Young. Everyone makes fun of him, but he always wins by a landslide even though no one will ever admit voting for him. That's the story with Spam®. Nobody will admit eating it, but somebody is out there buying over 2,000 cans a day in Alaska.

All we do at The Fly By Night Club is serve Alaskans what they like most. There's usually Spam® on our menu, but sometimes we wipe it off! Spam® is legendary stuff. You don't describe it. You don't discuss it. You don't explain it. You just FEEL it. It's like the thump of a rock and roll bass drum. It's got the power to go right through you. Duke Ellington said, "If you gotta ask, you ain't never gonna know." People thought he was talking about jazz. They were wrong.

Spam® is everywhere in Alaska. Rich Owens was a member of the team which breaks trail for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. They're alone, freezing in the wilderness on snowmobiles for almost two weeks. They discovered that if you wire a can of Spam® to your exhaust manifold, you have a perfectly prepared hot meal in 50 miles.

Sabo is a berserk Alaskan artist. He's also a Hungarian, which means he can grow a great mustache in record time. The only problem is, you never know where it's going to come out! Sabo once applied for a state arts grant to put several hundred small sculptures on trees beside remote fishing streams throughout Alaska. Each would be a red box with a glass door and a little brass hammer on a chain. Inside the box was a can of Spam® for emergency use by a fisherman who got skunked.

The great Eskimo artist, Joe Senungetuk comes from the village of Wales. He tells of winter walrus and seal hunting trips with his Dad and his Uncles in a traditional walrus skin boat when he was a kid. The only food they took out on the icy Bering Strait was Spam® and Pilot Bread. They took Spam® because it DOESN'T FREEZE."

Statistics don't lie. We once figured it out--if you laid the Spam® served in one year at The Fly By Night Club end to end, it would reach from the kitchen to the Magic Carpet Ride Massage Parlor almost a mile away. If you unrolled all the toilet paper used by the bar, it would reach almost to The Portage Glacier. The conclusion is simple, and should be applied to your weekly shopping. You will need 43.2 miles of toilet paper for every mile of Spam® you buy!